Get fit fast with our seasoned trainers in an intimate class setting (9 students per class max) on the Proformer. Pilates Evolution is not your typical Pilates studio. It is a new evolution of Pilates that includes high intensity, cardio and endurance training. Perfect for men and women of all age groups, PILATES EVOLUTION is the key to YOUR year round beach body. Strengthen, lengthen, and tone in just minutes a week. Our 45 minute heart pumping, muscle quivering classes fit easily into your schedule... and will help you fit into your favorite jeans, fast. What are you waiting for?

First Class is only $10!

First Month only $99! 





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Awesome! Took my first (free) class today whit Carlynn and she was such a great instructor. She took time show me the overview of the machine. She made me feel really welcome and adjusted me when needed. The class was HARD but in a god way, it works your whole body from top to bottom. I am likely going to be making the switch from yoga for a membership here. I really liked the studio space, it ...
Laura H.
Denver, CO
Love, love, love this studio. I have been running for years and I was not seeing any noticable improvements lately. After going to three classes, I not only increased the muscle definition in my legs, butt and core, but I also lost inches.
The instructors are all very good and they keep the workouts fresh so it's not the same thing every time. They also are great about giving friendly remi...
Jennifer C.
Aurora, CO
I have been taking classes 3 times a week at Pilates Evolution for the past 4 ½ years. Although it was hard at first, I knew from the very first class this was what I needed because as I was getting older my body just wouldn’t cooperate anymore and had lost its flexibility and tone. I am now 64, feel absolutely wonderful, and for the first time in my life I stand up st...
Trixi B.
Denver, CO

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