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I have been working in health and fitness for over 20 years, including my tenure as a NASM certified personal trainer at Endorphin Athletic Club for the past 9. An athlete since childhood, I was inspired by my parents -my father was a college All-American football player and high school football coach; and my mother, a practicing Buddhist and yoga instructor. My family taught me of the connection between the physical self and the mind and the spirit, while inspiring a great love for anything physical. Using these tools, I played sports and practiced yoga... throughout my childhood into adulthood. I am now instilling this love of movement in my five year old son Jack, my greatest accomplishment. While working in the corporate world, I began a distance running career that ultimately brought me to personal training and I have completed 26 marathons since 1999. After suffering a serious running injury 12 years ago, I used Pilates to rehabilitate myself. This introduction to the Pilates method made me a believer that movement (or lack thereof) changes your entire life perspective. I obtained my classical Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates and later became certified to teach the Lagree Method that I currently teach in Denver. I am a Maddog Athletics Spin certified instructor. In addition, I recently certified through the Rhythm Revolution Beat Clinic to create the most motivating musical experience for all my students. My philosophy is no matter the circumstance, we have choices in how we meet challenges. My sense of purpose has enabled me to overcome many difficult situations using movement as a vehicle and I have helped countless others to do the same. I believe in the power exercise has to transform people's lives. My goal in every teaching opportunity is to provide students with an uplifting experience, to put a smile on their face, to cultivate the skills they need to tackle the struggles in their day or maybe even the deeper struggles in their lives. My personal goals, values and mission are to promote, health, exercise, positive thought and the importance of living life fully & consciously every day.


Autumn Verrier has over 15 years experience as a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She began her fitness journey at a very young age and received her degree in Human Performance and Sport. Autumn is an innovative instructor at the top of her field, regularly updating her education and certifications to ensure her clients get the best service and results. Autumn has run in 5 marathons, is a practicing Yogi and an overall fitness enthusiast. She believes anything is possible in life and fitness, and in the power of her work to help change lives. She teaches her students and clients to focus, be happy, be strong, and live strong.


Kerri found her love for fitness through her career in Volleyball. Her post graduate years were spent in Chicago, Illinois where she pursued a career in the health at College Park Athletic Club. Kerri moved to Denver in 2006, closer to her home town of Breckenridge, CO. Her focus is in Pilates where she enjoys fusing her athletic background with the practice of Pilates. In her spare time, you can find Kerri up in the mountains, snowboarding or mountain biking.


I have over a decade of Personal and Group Fitness Training experience, along with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from the University of Denver. I have always been passionate about health and fitness, because I grew up playing every sport imaginable. I played Division I soccer at the University of Denver. Since, I have continued to play non-competitively, coach girls High School Varsity soccer, and also participate in several charity events and races. I am continually looking for ways to expand my knowledge of fitness and challenge myself and others with fitness goals. I have worked with a wide variety of clientele; many who have a general interest of getting into shape, long term and short term fitness goals, and even collegiate level athletes. I love it when my clientele can work hard and have fun at the same time. I have made it a point to center my career on helping people change their lives both mentally and physically. I believe the more ways an individual can stay active, the more likely they are to continually live a healthy and happy life. A quote that I live by: "Be Humble. Be Hungry. And always be the HARDEST worker in the room."


Kelsey is a fitness enthusiast who believes strongly in the saying: "If it doesn't challenge you, then it doesn't change you". Her main passion in life has always been dance which she found over 20 years ago. She danced for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and was a member of the Armed Forces Entertainment Tours for 4 years. She had the privilege of traveling to the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Qatar, Kuwait, The UAE, Japan, Italy and Guam to serve and "give thanks" to the men and women who fought (and still continue to fight) for the freedom and security of those back home. Kelsey has been teaching Pure Barre since 2009 and has always loved the Pilates aspect of the technique. A friend introduced Kelsey to Lagree Fitness in the summer of 2013 and she was humbled at how ridiculously challenging a 40 minute class could be and then was addicted! Kelsey is honored to be a part of the wonderfully talented Pilates Evolution team and is committed to inspiring others to create an even better, stronger version of themselves!


Kelsey Cline is originally from Portland Oregon, and grew up playing soccer and training in competitive dance. She received her BA from the University of San Diego in Economics and Anthropology and continued her love of dance on the NCAA dance and cheer team, but needed to increase her strength training in a way that supported her dance career. She soon found Lagree Fitness Pilates at Pilates Plus Pacific Beach. Kelsey's love of fitness and Pilates continued as she moved to Denver.  She believes fitness can change your life if you are dedicated, work hard, and have fun!


Georgia is a small town girl from Kansas, graduated with a B.S. degree in Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara and has been living in Colorado ever since with her fiancé, Brandon and her beagle, Bailey. She is passionate about natural health, fitness and educating on the importance of detoxing your body, home, beauty products and mindset to create a total body transformation.  Georgia decided to become a Lagree Fitness instructor because she is truly passionate about the workout and feels it can make a huge difference in those that are willing to commit and stay consistent, both inside and out of the studio. She enjoys cooking healthy meals, time in nature, working out, yoga, reading inspirational books and working on mindset and personal development.  She is a lover of essential oils, natural remedies and enjoys being a Beautycounter consultant and educator.  Georgia looks forward to the opportunity to train, motivate and inspire you to reach your goals both inside and outside of the studio.


Elizabeth is originally from Arizona and has always enjoyed playing outdoors, being active and running. It was there that she was introduced to The Lagree Method and was immediately hooked! She moved to Denver in 2012 and after seeing the benfits Lagree had done for her mobility and strength, she decided she wanted to become an instructor at Pilates Evolution. She is ACE certified group fitness instructor and also a fitness nutrition specialist. When she is not in the studio, you can find her hanging out with her boys, dancing to live music and traveling abroad with her family. 


Beginning at the age of 17, I made my living as a professional model. Because modeling required me to “look good” I spent a lot of time in different gyms doing different workout “fads” yet it always felt more like WORK than working-out and I was never inspired. Then I discovered Pilates and found my passion; I began accomplishing amazing physical challenges I never could have imagined I was capable of. With every class my confidence grew and my body, mind and spirit developed; every day and every class I became a better version of myself. I became obsessed. Now, as a Pilates Evolution instructor, it is my personal commitment to my students to be their one-of-a kind, rockstar instructor, guiding them through unique custom made inspirational, fitness experiences that I design to benefit each students body, mind and soul. When I am not teaching a class, I am taking a class, when I am not taking a class I am in my “laboratory” creating innovative customized workouts and soundtracks that push my students harder than they ever thought they could go. My classes are each individually designed by me to show both me and my students that our strength can and will surprise us. We can become addicted and obsessed with reshaping our bodies, our self-image and our spirits; one class at a time.


Christy is from Chicago, IL and has lived in Oxford, OH; Columbia, MO; Durham, NC and now in Denver, CO. She has been a Balanced Body certified Pilates instructor since 2011, specializing in musculature imbalances, athletic injuries and postural alignment. In 2012, she expanded her teaching skills by becoming a Pure Barre Instructor. She first became interested in Pilates while working for David Yurman and Neiman Marcus in Chicago...a strong core helped to combat the many hours of standing in heels! After moving to Denver, she fell in love with the Lagree Method and decided to get certified and work at PE. Her other passion is rescue animals and sits on the board of a nonprofit that helps cultivate and grow spay/neuter programs throughout the United States.


Tara is a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast. She played collegiate soccer in North Carolina, and has been a dedicated Pilates Evolution client since 2010 and believes Pilates is not "just another fitness class" but an important component of an active, healthy lifestyle. "What keeps me coming back, and inspired me to become an instructor, is the 40 minute, challenging, never boring workout, taught by high-caliber instructors, and most importantly, seeing the positive, life-long changes my body has made through this workout". Her classes are designed to challenge you, improve your strength, make you sweat and empower you to keep coming back! In her spare time, you can find her in the mountains, skiing, hiking or mountain biking.


I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Denver in 2015. I've been involved in athletics since I was a kid and played collegiate volleyball at the University of Tennessee. Following my college career, I continued to pursue my volleyball career professionally. I sustained a season-ending back injury during my third pro season in South Korea, and found Lagree during my rehab journey back in Denver. A fellow PE instructor introduced me to Lagree and I have been in love with it ever since. I thrive on a good physical challenge and I love that this method really has no limits. I decided to become a Lagree instructor because I'm addicted to the workout and love that a 40 minute class can be so hard! I am also a certified yoga instructor. I utilize my knowledge of the body from years of professional volleyball and weight lifting to create physically challenging, fun workouts that push my students beyond what they think they are capable of. When I'm not in the studio I'm adventuring with my pup,  Mochi. I love yoga, hiking, camping and pretty much anything active and outside. I believe in the life-changing power of movement and mindfulness, and am so excited to be apart of the Pilates Evolution team!



Emily is a Denver native and graduate of CU Boulder, where she studied Architecture. Emily spent 12 years in Chicago, where she worked as an architect, specializing in residential design. While living in Chicago, Emily developed a love for all things fitness. Upon returning to Denver, she decided to pursue her love of fitness and become a certified trainer. A chance encounter with Lagree led to a passion for this unique and challenging form of fitness. When not practicing Lagree, Emily can be found romping around with her husband, two boys, crazy dogs, skiing, hiking, or curled up with a good book.


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