Pilates Evolution Southglenn
We upgraded to a new larger space!
7448 S University Blvd.
Centennial, CO 80122


Get fit fast with our seasoned trainers in an intimate class setting (9 students per class max) on the 

Proformer - a more modern version of the Reformer.

Pilates Evolution is not your typical Pilates studio. 

It is a new evolution of Pilates that is high intensity and low impact.

Perfect for men and women of all age groups, our classes will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body like no other workout! 

Our 45 minute heart pumping, muscle quivering classes will fit easily into your schedule.

What are you waiting for?

First Class is only $15!

First Month only $109! 


What is the lagree method?

simply put
  • No impact, which means no pressure on the joints and spine.

  • Each exercise incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, resistance and cardio.

  • A slow and controlled pace brings the muscles to failure.

  • Transitions between movements are quick to keep your heart rate elevated.

  • Results are quick and include - toned muscles, lower body fat, improved endurance.

  • Best part, all in only 45 minutes!

  • We like to say, it never gets easier, you just get better at it!

The lagree machine - The Proformer

The machine allows you to move quickly from one exercise to the next, keeping the heart rate high, and the intensity even higher, which ultimately keeps you in that fat burn zone the entire class all while putting no stress on your joints or spine.